Creative methodology

Hello, my name is Adam Smith

I am a natural born story teller. I started my education as a creative writer, worked in journalism and now work in communication design. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to tell a story whether it be in print, through film, in a graphic or organized in a website. I have experience creating landing pages, graphics, websites and mobile sites. I have experience designing print materials and email templates. I have experience copywriting, video editing, ppc and organic Google marketing, designing for Facebook have helped lots of small businesses rebuild their websites into modern, clean, responsive, e-commerce. I work well with designers and programmers and am always eager to learn a new, cool way to tell a story.

Great Ideas start with a pencil

Call me old fashioned, or just old...but my best ideas flow out of me when I'm holding a pencil, peering into the white abyss of clean sheet of paper. My best words, designs, sketches, layouts trace the invisible lines of an idea that exists somewhere between my mind and paper.

then are Marketed digitally

Once written, those ideas and concepts are translated to the computer for mass production, enhancement and functionality. The interactive element of the computer brings static ideas to life through design programs and the internet. A rough sketch is polished into marketed digital element.

How I work


A great campaign should always start with a creative brief. Who is the audience? What is the product? This is the outline of the campaign. The fluid rough sketch that lists the colors, the fonts the messaging. The who, what and why of the whole campaign. I use a one page questionnaire to get at the heart of the campaign. This is the most important step. The creative brief sets everything up, the more info on the front end the better the final product.


Buliding mock-ups, sketches, wire-frames and templates. This is the where rough ideas are refined and finessed into something visual. Ideas are brought in to photoshop, illustrator, indesign, after effects, premier and dreamweaver to come up with the best way to demonstrate the campaign.


The mock-up, story board, template, graphic, and website are developed into a functional asset. The campaign is branded and programmed into a digital piece of the campaign that can be searched and used across all digital platforms. Every asset works seamlessly together in branded unity. This is soul and functionality of any great campaign.